The Course

Penn Golf Club is a heathland course with easy walking set in the natural enviroment of Penn Common with rough, gorse, copses, and water courses predominating the landscape. Over recent years our highly skilled greens team lead by Course Manager Jonathan Wood have carefully managed the course with help from Natural England and expert advise from Gordon Irvine. As well as being in excellent condition the course at Penn is as fair a test of golfers of all abilities as anywhere in the Midlands.

From our hand mown and slick, true greens to our lush fairways, we believe that our course is comparable to those of the most prestigious clubs. We have recently hosted an EGU event, and regulary host county competitions including the Staffordshire Amateur Championship.

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Hole 1

Mein Wilkie

397yds par 4

Dog-leg left with a risk & reward tee shot. Hit driver to clear the fairway bunkers, or a long iron to lay up and leave around 200 yds to the green. Clear the traps and you’re faced with 110yds to a well protected green with bunkers either side. Go too long and you’re down the slope into the rough.

Hole 2

Barley Mow

368yds par 4

Slightly uphill from the tee with large trees right and left. Favour the left side of the fairway to take out the greenside bunker which protects a raised green. Fall short and you’ll spin off so go up one more club, it’s further than you think.

Hole 3

Red Lane

371yds par 4
Tricky tee shot to a humpback fairway which runs off toward a ditch that snakes the length of the fairway and drains into the Captain's charity pond in front of the green. Three wood from the tee leaves a mid iron 2nd to a well guarded green with bunkers right and OOB left.

Hole 4


548yds par 5
Dog-leg left par 5 with a semi-blind tee shot. Find the fairway and a straight second will avoid the rough either side. The approach is a downhill shot from an undulating fairway to a green that slopes away from you.

Hole 5


347yds par 4
An uphill dog-leg left that demands an accurate tee shot. Too short and you’re blocked out, too far and you run out of fairway. The green slopes from back to front so leave yourself an uphill putt.

Hole 6


398yds par 4
Two huge oaks stand either side of the ridge of the fairway some 260 yds off the tee. From the ridge the fairway drops down to a well guarded green which slopes back to front. A well judged approach can be very rewarding.

Hole 7


129yds par 3
Surrounded by trees, judging the wind is difficult. Bunkers front, left, and right protect a fast, undulating green.

Hole 8

Slaters Hollow

455yds par 4
A long dog-leg left that requires an accurate tee shot as a huge oak guards the tiger line. If you're long enough you will have 180yds to the small green, sometimes however playing over the oak leaves a short approach that can be equally rewarding.

Hole 9

Penn Wood

211yds par 3

Long, well guarded par 3 which is changeable dependent on wind direction. Longer than it looks to a slick, sloping green.

Hole 10

Turf Tavern

341yds par 4
Another risk and reward hole. Two fairway bunkers make for a narrow landing area 250yds from the tee. Favour the left side as the green is well protected by trees and a bunker to the right. Lay up to set up a shot of some 145 yds to a small green with a severe front slope.

Hole 11


146yds par 3
A well guarded par 3 through the trees. Misjudge the breeze short and you’re bunkered, long and you have to negotiate a ridge back onto the green.

Hole 12


400yds par 4
A dog-leg right that rewards a good tee shot. The flat green is protected by a bunker and a deep dell to the right and a peripheral ridge makes any chip and run tricky to judge.

Hole 13


529yds par 5
Negotiate a shrub-filled gully to reach a fairway protected by trees to the right and you’re on your way. Clear the ditch 100yds from the two tier green for maximum reward, however beware the bail out on the right as the green slopes away from there toward the greenside bunker.

Hole 14


399yds par 4
A wide, gently sloping fairway with trees right and left which rises to a large green. Favour the right side for the clearest shot to the green, however trust the yardage markers as there’s a false green ahead of the flag, you'll need that extra club.

Hole 15


384yds par 4
Play a 3 wood for safety or try clearing the ditch that dissects the fairway to leave a short iron to a gently sloping green. Favour the left as tall trees prevent any attempt at the green from the right.

Hole 16

Chamberlain's Gate

170yds par 3
A straight mid iron through an avenue of tall trees will see you onto a green that slopes from back to front. Leave the uphill putt for the best chance of a birdie.

Hole 17


406yds par 4
A ditch dissects the fairway and could be in range for the biggest of hitters. Favour the left side for the fastest route to the green which is protected by a bunker short right. The green is large and slick so two putts is very rewarding.

Hole 18

Compston's Corner

454yds par 4
Slight dog-leg left where the encroaching water hazard on the left leaves a narrow landing area which cambers away making it difficult to keep the ball on the fairway. The long two-tier green is well protected by bunkers left and right which makes for an exceptional finishing hole.

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